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Professional Graphic Design and Creative Consultancy Services for Businesses and Individuals


Smart, professional and engaging promotional materials such as brochures, leaflets and flyers are essential when communicating with current and potential customers. Our professional design service can produce artwork to fit standard sized printed items or we can work with you to produce custom sized artwork to fit your bespoke requirements. We can also arrange printing if required.


Business stationery such as business cards, letterheads and compliment slips are the everyday face of your business and are critical when it comes to building trust and confidence in your company. Our professional stationery design service will use your existing brand identity and apply it in a coherent and unified way across all items helping to present your brand in its best possible light.


Our photo editing/manipulation service offers a wide range of flexibility allowing us to colour correct areas of an image or the image as a whole, perform retouching, remove items or even rearrange or amend elements within an image. Alternatively we can combine a series of images, editing, manipulating and reworking them the create a truly extraordinary piece of original artwork.


Our advertising design service offers design of traditional posters, billboards/banners, magazine adverts and more. We also offer digital advertising services including the design of website banner ads, facebook ads and more. We are also always keen to explore other creative and exciting opportunities such as Guerilla Marketing and non-traditional media so if this is something you are considering please get in touch and we would be delighted to discuss ideas with you.


Eye-catching and engaging POS can stimulate sales, increase awareness of product lines and help strengthen a company’s position in the marketplace. We can work with your own brand products to create a visually stunning and commercially recognisable range of POS as well as developing custom POS for any national brands you stock, leveraging their existing branding (with their permission) within POS relevant to you and your business.


Our Packaging Design service can design the on-pack artwork for your products or services. We can work to an existing style, helping to expand a product line or range or we can start from scratch and develop a completely fresh design for a new range of products.


Our Website Design service is available to anyone whether you already have an existing site in need of refreshing or are starting a brand new site. We will work with you and your brand identity to create a clean, creative and engaging site design that celebrates your content and looks great! We then create and supply the necessary design files for you to supply to your web developer. (If needed we can also put you in touch with a local web developer.)


For new businesses preparing to launch or for existing companies in need of an image refresh we offer a complete company branding service. Starting with your vision for the business and going from there we create a style, image and brand identity for your company. The service covers all the essentials needed to present your business in a coherent, unified and professional way including a company logo/brandmark, colour scheme, typography/font choices, brand guidelines (if required) and any other materials needed like business stationery design and more.

Creative Consultancy

We also offer a Creative Consultancy service. This service is a real-world, on-site consultancy service in which we will visit your business, discuss the issues you are facing and then go away and develop creative solutions to whatever problem or project you may be facing.

Smokescreen Creative

Welcome to Smokescreen Creative...

Smokescreen Creative is a Graphic Design Agency & Creative Consultancy. We offer traditional design services for items such as brochures, leaflets and other advertising and promotional materials and real world consultancy services which find creative solutions to whatever problem or project you may be facing.

We work across both print and digital but are always keen to explore new media.

We work with businesses of all sizes and whatever we do our focus is on producing visually stunning work which meets our clients’ core needs and communicates clearly and efficiently.

No matter what your project please get in touch and see how we can help!

Client Client Client Client

How we work

We believe that design is a collaboration - this means that we work with you and not against you to develop work that fulfils your brief and looks great!

To do this communication is key and we strive to keep clients updated at every stage of the process. In turn this ensures that you know where the project is and allows for any alterations to be made as we go, an efficient and cost effective way of working.

We start with the initial brief which allows us to understand a client's needs and any ideas that they may already have for their project. Typically we would then go away and develop some ideas and present these for review. The client then choses the concept they would like to proceed with and we develop it further into the final design which is then submitted for approval. Once approval is given we produce the final files and supply them ready for printing or use online.

The process is designed to be simple, easy and efficient and results in work that meets your brief and looks amazing.

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